About Coastal Anesthesia Relief Inc.

We are a CRNA and MDA owned and operated....

oastal Anesthesia Relief Inc. saw the increasing need to provide reliable 
      anesthesia staffing services to a variety of medical facilities including short term, long term
      and permanent placement, departmental management, and consultation services.

wned and operated by practicing CRNAs and MDAs, we at Coastal work side by side with
      healthcare providers, and personally evaluate each medical facility for a safe working

s practicing CRNAa ans MDAs, we personally understand the importance of healthcare 
      staffing relief and effective department management.  We understand the business and
      clinical side of healthcare staffing.

ubmitting your time card is made simple with our web-based time card system.  Our online time
      card allows our providers to send their time card in instantly, 24 hours a day, for a quicker payment time.

alented, experienced healthcare professionals are what Coastal provides.  Accredited by JCAHO,
      we screen all of our providers, so that medical facilities can take comfort in the quality of
      our relief services.

ssistance with a smooth transition for our practitioners and our medical facilities is very 
      important to us.

ong term relationships are our goal.  We strive to provide superior and professional
      services to our providers and the medical facilities we service.