Medical Facilities - Services

  As practicing CRNAs and MDAS we personally understand the burdens of healthcare provider shortages.

  We staff healthcare professionals for short term, long term, and permanent placement contracts.

  We staff and manage all types of healthcare settings, including hospitals, offices and ambulatory surgery centers 
  We will work directly with you to assess your healthcare relief and management needs. 

  We can help relieve the burdens of the anesthesia portion of your office or ASC by setting up all anesthesia
       related equipment, supplies and medications.
  We can manage your anesthesia department by providing a successful  CRNA/MDA "team approach" anesthesia model.

  We can provide 24/7 anesthesia consultation services.

  We will do all anesthesia billing or review billing and implement management techniques to maximize department 

  We perform Performance Improvement  and Quality Assurance programs in accordance with JCAHO standards.
  What we do to provide professional and competent healthcare workers for your facility: (All of our providers credentialing are JCAHO approved for staffing)

               + Intense provider screening (including background checks and credential verification)
               + Provider Reference checks
               + Match provider's skills with your departmental skill needs
               + Credentialing assistance
               + Follow up evaluation to monitor provider's performance